You Cannot Wear A Band’s T-Shirt Unless You Know 10 Of Their Songs

Think about all the music merch that you own. Now think about that band or artist’s discography. Can you name a double-digit amount of their songs? Because if not, you’re a poser.

A new survey by Rush Order Tees finds that people are expected to know ten whole songs by any artist before wearing their merch. And speaking of unspoken merchandise rules, almost half of music lovers polled say you must buy a band’s shirt before their show and wear it to see them perform. However, another one out of five said that move is totally for rookies.

  • Interestingly, the study also found its K-Pop stans that have the bar set the highest for people rocking an artist’s shirt. They want you to know 13 songs before putting on any K-Pop gear.
  • Pop acts ranked the lowest – pollsters think that might be because most of the artists in today’s charts are still alive.
  • But it’s heavy metal fans who win in terms of the sheer volume of merch. They were found to own an average of 17 shirts. Rock on.
  • ONE MORE THING! Posthumous Merch Sales. The study found 50% of people wait for the artists to pass away before purchasing a band’s shirt.

We think this has an even simpler process…