Father’s Day is coming up and getting him a big present may not be what he wants most. You can show your dad how much you appreciation in a few different ways. You can even personalize it to his likes. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a montage video of him and all the things you have done together.
  • Learn his history and put it together on a slide show.
  • Find out his favorite game or event growing up and do that together.
  • Create a treasure hunt or use walkie talkies to help him find a card, gift or favorite food.
  • Spend all day celebrating him with favorite food and activities.
  • Write down all the great things you appreciate about him – Twenty-five things I love about dad . . . Or make an acrostic and use the words like super, excellent, awesome etc.
  • Does he like a particular food? See if you can build the best sandwich, nachos or ice cream sundae together. How many toppings can fit on it before falling?
  • Make a play list of dad’s favorite tunes. Enjoy it together.
  • Enjoy a picnic together.
  • Create a drive-in movie experience in the garage or backyard and show his favorite film.
  • Write down the best advice and/or the best jokes he has told. Frame them and post on social media for all to enjoy.

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