What are Leprechauns up to the other 364 days a year? It’s not pretty.

Instead of Lewis Capaldi’s “Before You Go” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Me Clover’s Blown”



I went into Dublin, but landed in Hell
I was walkin’ & walkin’, and stepped on a pothole and in it I fell
Wherever I go I, feel so outta place,
All the ladies I meet, Say they wanna get lucky, but not in that way…

Can’t trust my Tinder Searches
They only WANT me Pot o’ Gold
To find me Lower Rainbow,

Sooo, My funds run low!
Back then, I’d bring in loads of money, as an expert cobbler…
Now Assistant Manager at the FOOT LOCKER!
Gooo, to Home Depot!
I Found a shamrock in the Garden Center, as i’m Searchin’
Lady throws me in her cart, like I’m no Person
Yo! I’m not a Garden Gnome!

I Shop Amazon Prime, can’t go to the Mall,
…Or they Diddle, and Fiddle, and Jiggle me like i’m a Build-A-Bear Doll
The only Location, that l ever feel safe…
is inside of the Windmill that I rent at the Mini-Golf place

Denied my health insurance…
Cause I am 400 years Old
And I drink Guinness, by the boatload

Ohhh, I Can’t Fly No Mo’
I’d never make it through the TSA Metal Detectors,
Got more buckles on, than Edward Scissorhand’s Leather!
Oh, can’t get new Clothes
My Wardrobe’s like a costume in a movie, by Tim Burton,
Hollister don’t carry hats like this, I’m Certain!
Nooo, And i’m dead broke!

I Lost all of the Coins I ever found,
When Silicon Valley Bank went Down
Now all of the Lucky Charms I Own,
Are Soaked, In Oat Milk!

I’m so alone! I Went to shoot my shot with Tinkerbell, but got Rejected
Smurfette told her my shillelagh was Infected!
Oh! I’m gettin’ pecked by crows!
The Legend’s, saying that I’m Lucky, but I live in peril,
Dogs always confuse me for a Red-Haired Squirrel!
Sooo… Me Clover’s Blown