This Woman Will Edit Your Ex Out Of Photos For Just $15

Do you have some fantastic photos from a vacation or a special event in your life that you’d love to display, but you can’t because your ex is in them? Well, your luck is about to change because a woman is offering her photo editing skills to get your former flame out of your images, for a small fee.

Twitter user @hexappeal recently advertised her service to Photoshop your ex out of your photos for just $10. Even if your breakup was civil, it might be nice to show off your photos from Paris or your 30th birthday party without your ex taking over your memory.

Several of @hexappeal’s satisfied customers have posted their original and edited photos on Twitter and shared how happy they are with them, so we can see the results. Her post asked for “serious inquiries only” and apparently she got so many that now she’s had to raise her price to $15, but we understand that whole supply and demand thing.