This Is What Ariana Grande’s New Tattoo Really Means

To celebrate her new number one song “7 Rings,” Ariana Grande has gotten a new tattoo that says “七輪,” but the translation of the tattoo is now number one to fans around the world.

In Chinese, the tattoo reads “7 rounds” or “7 wheels,” that’s pretty cool right, well wait till you find out what the tattoo means in Japanese.

Twitter users quickly translated Ariana’s new ink in Japanese Kanji and said that it meant “shichirin,” which means a small barbecue grill.

Grande deleted the post of her new ink after the translation but before that, she explained that the tattoo “hurt like f–k” and that she’s a “huge fan of tiny bbq grills.” Well played Ariana.

Do you have Asian symbol tattoos? Have you ever gotten a tattoo that wasn’t what you thought it was once translated? How soon do you think Ariana will change the tattoo?

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