These Are The Most Popular Christmas Candy By State

The website, just came out with a list of the favorite Christmas candy by state, revealing the top three choices for each state.

Peppermint Bark seems to be the candy gaining in popularity, with 14 states picking it as their top choice, an increase of three states from last year. Reese’s Cups minis seem to be losing steam, dropping three states this year, and six over the last two.

According to the site, South Carolina’s most popular candy is….. M&M’s. 


Here’s some Christmas candy facts:

93% of people gift chocolate and candy for the winter holidays

1.76 Billion candy canes are produced every year for the holiday season.

72% of people eat a candy cane starting on the straight end, the rest start on the curved end.

Approximately 150 million chocolate Santas are produced annually.

The largest candy cane in the world was made in Switzerland. It was 51 feet long.

December 26th is National Candy Cane Day.

Canada spent $362M (USD) in Dec 2014 on candy, confectionary & snack foods.

57% of holiday sales are expected to be online – slightly less than 2020 for maybe obvious reasons.




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