The Good Neighbors Spout Off On Their Hit Single ‘Home’

Host Erik Zachary sits down with the sensational duo behind Good Neighbors, Oli and Scott. You might not recognize the name immediately, but you’ve likely had their breakout single ‘Home’ stuck in your head or stumbled upon it while scrolling through Instagram or TikTok. Despite ‘Home’ being a recent project, Oli and Scott are seasoned musicians, each bringing years of experience working in neighboring studios and on various projects. Their decision to join forces has struck a chord, amassing millions of streams in less than a year.

Hear the journey of ‘Home’ from creation to viral sensation, exploring the unique challenges and exhilarating moments of finishing a song after it has already captured the public’s imagination. Good Neighbors share insights into staying focused amidst the whirlwind of sudden fame and the strategies they employ to keep their creativity flowing without getting lost in the noise.

Moreover, Oli and Scott reveal what excites them the most about their future in music, offering listeners a glimpse into what’s next for Good Neighbors.

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