Taylor’s Version: USC Unveils Taylor Swift Business Course for Spring 2024

Exciting news for USC students! 🐔🎶 Starting Spring 2024, the School of Sports and Entertainment Management introduces a unique course titled “Life is Just a Classroom: Taylor’s Version.” 📚💫 Delve into the business brilliance of Taylor Swift and explore her impact on the music industry through the lens of agency as a woman.

Taught by Kate Blanton from the university’s College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management, the course will unravel Swift’s career journey. From reclaiming her music catalog through song re-recordings to mastering branding, social media, tour management, and merchandising – it’s a comprehensive look at the strategies behind Swift’s success.

Get ready to plan and host a Swift-themed event as the grand finale! Student Swifties might want to check in with the registrar’s office on not missing this opportunity to learn from one of the biggest names in the music biz.