Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” Is Here

The wait is finally over for Swifties. Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnights” is out now, with a video for the tune “Anti-Hero” dropping this morning at 8 am.

In the week leading up to the release, Taylor has been revealing song lyrics around the world on Spotify billboards, and one of the final drops revealed that Taylor actually shared a lyric with fans months ago.

In a billboard in Mexico City, she shared the lyric, “Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out.” Well, fans were shocked by this, realizing that Tay actually shared that same mantra during her speech at NYU graduation in May.

Last night fans got their first look at the visuals for “Midnights,” with Taylor sharing a teaser trailer for the album’s videos during the Thursday Night Football game on Prime Video.

Now that the album’s out, fans have more “Midnights” fun ahead of them. Tay will appear on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to talk about the album Monday, and The Graham Norton Show” on October 28th. She’ll also drop a video for an unnamed song on Tuesday.

Check out the track list for “Midnights” below and clips of some songs to the right.

    • “Lavender Haze”
    • “Maroon”
    • “Anti-Hero”
    • “Snow on the Beach” feat. Lana Del Rey
    • “You’re On Your Own, Kid”
    • “Midnight Rain”
    • “Question…?”
    • “Vigilante S**t”
    • “Bejeweled”
    • “Labyrinth”
    • “Karma”
    • “Sweet Nothing”
    • “Mastermind”

But wait! There’s more… you know what happens when Taylor Swift is left to her own devices…. she drops Midnights (3am Edition) with SEVEN bonus tracks. The surprise came at 3 AM following the release of midnights!

The complete “Midnight” experience includes the added tracks…

    • “The Great War”
    • “Bigger Than The Whole Sky”
    • “Paris”
    • “High Infidelity”
    • “Glitch”
    • “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve”
    • “Dear Reader”


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