Preliminary reports indicate Tool‘s new album, “Fear Inoculum,” is on its way to debuting at number one. But what’s good news for Tool fans is bad news for Taylor Swift fans, who are beyond upset over the fact that “Lover” has been dethroned by a band they’ve never even heard of.

“How could an unknown band do this?” tweeted one Swiftie, who — like most of the other fans who have been weighing in — apparently don’t realize Tool has been around since 1990. “There is a chance of debuting at number two because of a new band called Tool,” another fan posted. “If this ends up being the case, then that would be an embarrassment beyond belief. This is Taylor Swift. She did not work her socks off for the album and promo for this mess to happen.” Yet another summed up what everyone was feeling in just one short sentence: “Who the f*** is Tool?”

Although a few Tool fans have jumped in to defend the band, Swift’s followers clearly want nothing to do with them. One wrote, “All the old-ass 30-year-old men replying to this all mad — embarrassing. Go take care of your wife and kids, weirdo!”

What are some legendary bands that today’s kids would have no knowledge of? 

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