Taylor Swift Delivers Debut Performance of ‘The 1’ at Arlington Concert

Taylor Swift kicked off the first three nights in Arlington, Texas, on Friday (March 31).

The “Lavender Haze” singer surprised her audience by deviating from The Eras Tour’s rigorous setlist to perform Folklore’s “The 1” for the first time live.

“You think you can come prepared? You think you can just scroll and know the setlist?” Swift joked before the track. Taylor’s performance of “The 1” was the first time Swift deviated from The Eras Tour setlist outside of the “Surprise Songs” acoustic part of the show.

The Folklore opener was played instead of “Invisible String,” which opened the LP’s part of the Eras Tour’s first four shows.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Arlington has rolled out the red carpet for Taylor, changing the name of a street by the venue to “Taylor Swift Way” and lighting up the city with red lights.

Which surprise song do you hope Taylor performs during her tour?