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2021 Has A “Word Of The Year” And You May Be Able To Guess It

There really was no escaping this word in the past 12 months.

List: ‘WalletHub’ Reveals The Best Gift Cards To Give For 2021

WalletHub has released the top gift cards for 2021 and with gift cards being an easy go-to…

List: ‘Baby Center’ Reveals The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2021

Baby Center just revealed their list of the Most Popular Baby Names of 2021 and the trends…

The Atlanta Braves Are The 2021 World Series Champions

  Congratulation to the Atlanta Braves, winning the 2021 World Series on the road in Houston.

Thirteen Halloween Costumes Perfect For You And Your “Boo”

Halloween is already only 8 days away and if you haven’t figured out that perfect “couples” costume

‘Doja Cat’ Slated To Host The 2021 VMA Awards

MtV has chosen wisely and has tapped, Doja Cat as the host of the upcoming VMA Awards.

This Year’s Best And Worst States To Have A Baby, South Carolina Ranks Top-3

WalletHub has just released their list of this year’s Best and Worst states to have a baby.

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