You’ve got your sexy Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume all ready, you’ve been binging all the scary movies Netflix has and you’ve been eating free office candy instead of lunch. Clearly your in the Halloween Spirit…

The big day is officially LESS than aweek away which means you’re running out of time to consume all the limited-time Halloween products every business puts out to Trick us into Treating ourselves…

  • The Ghost Whopper. The BK Lounge is getting into the spooky spirit by giving their most known burger a facelift. No, Burger King is not selling you an empty box. The Ghost Whopper is a regular burger with a special white looking, cheddar cheese flavored, sesame-seed bun. The scariest thing about it? It’s only available in 10 select cities.

  • Fanta Dark Orange. For those of you looking to have ghastly burps, get your hands on the new Fanta’s limited-edition Dark Orange soda. It’s a jet black take on its blood orange flavor so it’s perfect for your emo inner child.

  • Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino. Try this one and you’ll become a ..from the sugar and caffeine. Starbucks Zombie Frap is made from green apple and caramel cream and topped with pink whipped cream and bloody mocha syrup. So no actual rotting human flesh so that’s cool!

  • Taco Bell’s Sour Strawberry Skittles Freeze. Love Halloween candy but hate chewing? Good news! Taco Bell has now put it in liquid form! This limited-time-only candy treat probably pairs well with vodka and the brain freeze will help you pace yourself for once.

  • Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats. You already know that PSL is a lifestyle, not a choice, but did you know Kit Kat has a Pumpkin Pie flavor now? Break off a piece of one of these bad boys and enjoy your new portable pie treat!