While the survey results are not definitive, Betway‘s poll of 2,000 Americans provides intriguing insights into which sports events prompt people to call in sick and which states are most likely to miss life events for the big game. South Carolina tied for fourth place, with 65% of respondents admitting to skipping work for sports.

Key findings include:

  • Utah leads with 78% admitting to skipping work for sports.
  • 57% of U.S. employees have called in sick for a sporting event, with the Super Bowl being the top reason.
  • In Kansas, 50% faced trouble at work or were fired for calling in sick to watch a game.

Despite our love for Dawn Staley and Gamecocks Women’s Basketball, football still dominates!

  • 48% called out of work for the Super Bowl.
  • 44% skipped work for a regular NFL game.
  • 40% missed work for an NBA Finals game.