Shinedown Spouts Off – Potential Collab With Jelly Roll

This week, Brent Smith, lead singer from Shinedown, spouts off with host Erik Zachary about the secret to the longevity of one of the most successful rock radio bands of all time. He also shares how their latest single ‘A Symptom of Being Human’ has earned them their 19th number one single over seven albums, and how their new music brings out nostalgia in their fans for another of their huge hit all the way back from 2008 – ’Second Chance’.

Brent and Erik also discuss Shinedown’s successful break into the mainstream, the increasing irrelevance of genres in music today, and Brent even teases at a possible collaboration with good friend Jelly Roll in the future. Beyond the music, as a fitness fanatic, Brent shares a few ways to jump-start your fitness routine, as well as the profound wisdom he’s learned from both his mom and grandma.

Even if you’re not a rock music fan, you have to check out this episode. As Brent Smith will be the first to tell you, everyone’s welcome to the Shinedown party – because that rock and roll is more than just music, it’s a state of mind.

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