Shawn Mendes takes a lie detector test in a new video for “Vanity Fair,” and he makes some interesting revelations.

Among them:

He’s asked about whether he still keeps in touch with Taylor Swift and the answer is yes. “I always am asking her for advice on music,” he says, insisting that he last texted Swift “maybe a month ago.”

He was asked how he feels about Taylor’s beau Joe Alwyn, and while he hasn’t met him, Shawn at first says he “looks like a sweet guy.” But when the examiner says that answer’s “deceptive,” he admits, “I’m lying? A little bit?,” adding, “Yeah, I mean, he’s kind of got a little bit of a villain look about him.” Shawn continues, “I mean, he looks like a nice guy – but he, at any movement, could turn into a villain,” noting, “he has really blue eyes and I struggle with eyes that blue. I find it easier to trust brown eyes.”

Shawn infamously went with Hailey Baldwin, now Bieber, to the 2018 Met Gala, and Shawn insists he and Justin “Never talked about that” when they met. Shawn has always been a big Bieber fan and admis  he was nervous to meet Justin, adding he “probably had some face twitching” at their first meeting.

And when talking about girlfriend Camila Cabello, Shawn said he was initially “friend zoned” by her, and even admits he has lied to her, although he does say he is “pretty bad” at lying in general.

ONE MORE THING! Here’s some good news for Shawn fans. The singer revealed he will be announcing dates for his new “Wonder: The World Tour” this week.