S4E2 – Ready or Not, Here they Come!

We touch, very quickly, on the remaining part of the third installment of the “Before the 90 Days” Tell All. Then we make note of some of the returning couples on Happily Ever After…THEN we get to last night’s one-hour episode of The Other Way. Kenny tells his family that Armando is only 31. Ariella insists she will raise her child Jewish (not sure if Binyiam knows that yet) and reveals that was already married to another American. They have a two-year-old son together and Airella’s family wonders if that’s why he’s trying to get to the United States. Jenny gets ready to head to India…again…and still hasn’t seen Sumit’s divorce papers, meanwhile Deavan is back living in Utah, while Jihoon remains in South Korea. And finally Brittany and Yazan = she’s heading to Jordan and has yet to tell Yazan she’s still married while he admits that his parents are related and would like him to marry one of his relatives?!?!?!

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