S4E1 – Almost Time to Pack Some Bags

We meet 4 of the 6 couples appearing on this season of The Other Way. We got to meet Ariela and Biniyam. Ariela was on a soul-searching trip to Ethiopia when she met Biniyam and got pregnant pretty quickly. We catch up with her in Princeton, NJ – now 6 months pregnant – and about to travel back to Ethiopia to have her baby and live indefinitely. Her parents seem, oddly, cool with it all. We also catch back up with Jenny and Sumit who are fan-favorites from last season of The Other Way. Sumit is now getting divorced and she plans to return to India so they can be together forever. Next up, Kenneth and Armando…despite an age difference, they met in a Facebook support group for gay fathers. Kenneth has sold his house and is about to start a new life with Armando in Mexico, but they could face several challenges (including Armando’s family). And finally, we meet Brittany and Yazan. She’s from Florida and he lives in Jordan. There is so much about this couple and their relationship that is TBD and we can’t wait.