Reality Bites Podcast: S4E7 – Jenny and the Virginity

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 7 – Jenny took Sumit’s virginity?!?!? And she definitely seemed proud of herself for those bragging rights. Sumit takes Jenny to meet his divorce attorney and a couple of his friends. Tim is about to arrive in Columbia and we learn that while Melyza’s mom knows about Tim’s cheating, her dad does not. Hence, why her father is the only one looking forward to Tim’s arrival. Kenny arrived in Mexico, greeted by Armando and a nice home-cooked dinner. The next day they start exploring their new neighborhood. Jihoon cries to his mom about what a loser he is and after Brittany’s meltdown int he car she says she never wants to see Yazan’s parents…ever again.


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