Olivia Rodrigo fans have something new to be obsessed about. The singer teased on social media this week that she’s putting out a music video for “Obsessed,” and it’s finally here.

“Obsessed” is one of four secret tracks that Rodrigo released on various vinyl releases of “Guts.” It’s part of five songs added to the deluxe addition of the “Guts” album, out today. (03/22)

The new version has five extra songs in total.

Four of the songs on the new album were previously released as secret tracks across the various vinyl releases of “Guts.” Those tracks are “Obsessed,” “Girl I’ve Always Been,” “Scared of My Guitar,” and “Stranger.”

But Rodrigo has two treats for fans today with the release of the deluxe edition. First up, the fifth song added to the deluxe set, “So American,” is a brand new song from the artist! Not stopping there, she dropped a music video for fan favorite song “Obsessed” last night as well.

Hear “Obsessed” ALL weekend on Live 93.5!

Check out the tracklist for the deluxe edition of “Guts” below:

  1. “All American B****”
  2. “Bad Idea Right?”
  3. “Vampire”
  4. “Lacy”
  5. “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl”
  6. “Making the Bed”
  7. “Logical”
  8. “Get Him Back”
  9. “Love Is Embarrassing”
  10. “The Grudge”
  11. “Pretty Isn’t Pretty”
  12. “Teenage Dream”
  13. “Obsessed”
  14. “Girl I’ve Always Been”
  15. “Scared of My Guitar”
  16. “Stranger”
  17. “So American”