Everyone has a different idea of what is sexy, but it seems one man knows exactly what his wife finds sexy, and apparently she’s not the only one.

Michael Oonk recently shared a series of sexy pictures he took for his wife on the Internet, and folks are so down with them they got over 400,000 likes. He captioned the shots, “How to send sexy pictures to your lady,” attaching pictures of him doing a variety of “sexy” chores, including sweeping, cleaning the dishes, vacuuming, doing laundry and washing the toilet.


So what prompted the sexy photo shoot? Well, Michael says it was a Friday night and his wife was out at a domestic violence support group when he took action. “The house wasn’t in great shape so I thought I would clean it top to bottom, it was the least I could do,” he shares. “But I also got the idea to put it on Facebook because I thought it would be funny.”

But people thought they were more than funny. “Wow, sexiest photos I’ve seen in a long time,” one person commented, while another added, “there’s nothing more sexy than when a man makes the effort to help with household chores.”