Macklemore Opens Up About His Reunion with Long-Time Friend Ryan Lewis

Discover a side of Macklemore you may have never seen as he opens up for the second time on our podcast with our live studio audience. Hear about his passion for photography, revealing how this hobby offers him a unique lens on life and how it makes him feel balanced.

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as Macklemore shares heartwarming stories of his daughter and why he has his family join him on tour.

Dive into Macklemore’s deep connection with the Pacific Northwest and understand how this bond influences his music and identity. Then, take a reflective journey back to the 2000s as Macklemore discusses the impact and creation of “White Privilege.”

Finally, hear the touching story of reuniting and working with Ryan Lewis not just as a musical partner but as a friend. This episode is a must-listen for fans and music enthusiasts, offering a unique glimpse into the life of one of hip-hop’s most interesting voices.

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