Lizzo’s List of Musical Royalty Divides The Internet

Lizzo just set her comments on fire by tweeting out her rankings of the best artists of all time. She began by declaring in a tweet that Usher is the “king of R&B,” and then kept the train going by declaring the “king,” “queen,” “prince,” and “princess” of various genres.

She did however make a point of avoiding rap and told fans “pop is easier to speak on rap got too many variables– I have my opinions tho…. But Ima mind my business.”

Here is Lizzo’s list of music royalty:

  • King of Pop – Michael Jackson
  • Queen of Pop – Janet Jackson
  • Prince of Pop – Justin Bieber
  • Princess of Pop – Britney Spears
  • The Pop Princess – Rihanna
  • Queen of Music – Beyonce
  • Queen of Soul – Aretha
  • Queen of R&B – Mariah Carey
  • Queen of Hip Hop Soul – Mary J Blige
  • Queen of Rock & Roll – Tina Turner