Niall Horan was the guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he gave the most flirty, hilarious interview with Lizzo we didn’t know we needed.

Niall asked the “Rumors” singer several naughty questions that left the audience in stitches. “What is the minimum number of dates before I can fart in front of you?” Niall asked, “I never fart,” said Lizzo as she made farting noises and referred to her gas as “night breeze.”

Niall then asked Lizzo about a prenup, and who would be the third wheel if they had a threesome. Niall wrapped up the questions by asking Lizzo to turn him on with a sexy animal noise.  Lizzo opted for a sexy hawk, which Niall returned the favor by imitating a goat.

Lizzo is a big flirt, she’s made Chris Evans, Harry Styles, and Trevor Noah all blush, who do you think she’d be perfectly paired with?