Lil Dicky stopped by “Ellen” to give her a preview of his new video “Earth” which stars some of the biggest names in music as animals.

Justin Bieber is the baboon, Ariana Grande plays the zebra, and Lil Dicky plays a caveman.

Dicky did some research for the video by talking to Leonardo DiCaprio about the dire need for humans to combat the Earth’s environmental issues. DiCaprio told Dicky that climate scientists have said that if something isn’t done to keep the Earth from heating up, in the next 12 years irreversible damage would be done.

During the 20-second video clip, Bieber sings about being a man and Grande, who’s a zebra, ponders whether she’s black or white. Lil Dicky’s “Earth” video drops late this evening at midnight.

Do you do your part to take care of the Earth? How concerned are you about climate change?

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