Jussie Smollett Apologizes to “Empire” Cast and Crew

Jussie Smollett held a meeting with the cast and crew of Empire last night to do two things, apologize and continue to let people know that he’s innocent of fabricating the story about his attack.

According to one person who was part of the meeting, the cast and crew were shocked when he maintained his innocence and expected him to come clean about what really happened.

The person attending the meeting also said that Smollett pretty much stuck to the script of a statement that was put out Thursday afternoon maintaining his innocence.

Smollett was arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of filing a false police report where he said he was the victim of a hate crime attack. He’s now out of jail and awaiting trial after paying a $10,00 bond and turning over his passport.

Don’t you just wish you were a fly on the wall at this meeting? Do you think it’s hard for anyone to believe Smollett at this point?

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