John Legend Rips R. Kelly, Says Music Industry ‘Looked the Other Way for Too Long’ on Singer’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct

John Legend continues to speak out on R. Kelly who says the “industry looked the other way for too long,” in regards to Kelly’s alleged sexual misconduct.

Legend spoke with NBC News TODAY, saying that he’s glad that Surviving R. Kelly was filmed, because victims now have a voice, “being retold through that medium really brought the issue to a lot of people’s attention, and I think it inspired the law enforcement to move on some things that they weren’t moving on before,” said Legend.

“I think a lot of us kind of tolerated or looked the other way on that issue for a long time, and a lot of people were being hurt for decades, and we looked away for too long,” Legend said.

Do you think others besides R. Kelly should be included in the lawsuit against R. Kelly?

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