It Took Olivia Rodrigo FOUR Tries To Get Her Driver’s License

Olivia Rodrigo had an instant hit with her song, “Drivers License,” but when it comes to her getting her actual driver’s license, though, it turns out it took her a while to make it happen.

In a new interview, Olivia was asked if she passed her driver’s test on her first try and she fessed up to it taking four tries to nail it. She said her first attempt was canceled because of COVID, the second appointment canceled because “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” needed her on set, and the third try she was flunked because of a mechanical error.

After the instructor asked her to honk the horn of the car, she found out that it doesn’t actually work in her mom’s car “so he was like, ‘Oh, your car is legally unsafe, I can’t take you out to take the test, go home.”

She says she cried in the DMV parking lot after that experience, but it all worked out.