Harry Styles ‘Very Serious’ About Pursuing ‘Childhood Crush’ Jennifer Aniston

Harry Styles is serious about Jennifer Aniston.

Sources close to the singer say that he is very serious about his childhood crush.

An insider told New Idea Magazine (via The News) that the singer is pursuing Jennifer Aniston ‘relentlessly’. “Rumor is he personally sent Jen concert tickets because he’s had a thing for her for at least two decades,” the source said.

The source further claimed, “It’s no secret Harry prefers older women. While he knows he’s got some work to do in convincing Jen to take him seriously as a suitor, it’s something he’ll be doing.” They also said that Styles is not interested in ‘casual fun’, but is very serious about the actress.

Do you think Jen will even consider dating Harry? Do you think he’ll end up reuniting with Olivia Wilde instead?