People take their barbecue seriously. Different states claim theirs is the best, but styles vary from place to place, so it’s hard to compare. There are four distinct varieties just between North Carolina and South Carolina, and Kansas City has their own version, too. While everyone has their favorite, a new list from Yelp is sure to stir the controversy as it names the top 100 barbecue spots in the country.

  • Their rankings are based on the average rating and number of reviews for restaurants in the Barbecue category on their site.
  • According to Yelp, the best barbecue spot in the U.S. is Wright’s Barbecue in Johnson, Arkansas.
  • The list leaves some states off entirely, including Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Alabama only has one and Tennessee has just two, but neither of them are near Memphis, which is famous for their barbecue.
  • Surprisingly, a lot of the top spots are from places that aren’t really known for a distinctive barbecue culture, like the state with the most restaurants, California, which has five in the top 25.

The Top 10 Barbecue Spots in the U.S.

(Check out the full list of 100 here)

  1. Wright’s Barbecue – Johnson, Arkansas
  2. Eric’s Family Barbecue – Avondale, Arizona
  3. CorkScrew BBQ – Spring, Texas
  4. Tyler’s Barbecue – Amarillo, Texas
  5. Fox Smokehouse BBQ – Boulder City, Nevada
  6. Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que – Kansas City, Kansas
  7. Haywood Smokehouse – Waynesville, North Carolina
  8. Firehole Bar-B-Que – West Yellowstone, Montana
  9. Hot Spot Barbecue – Pensacola, Florida
  10. Delauders BBQ – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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