Each State’s Most Popular Lockdown Delivery Order

The to-go container industry must be thriving right now because America is all about that takeout life. The good folks over at Yelp took a second away from reading angry reviews written by angry Karens to figure out the most popular food delivery order in each state during our recent “forced staycations.” And the findings just might surprise you.

For example:

  • Gyros are having a real moment in Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, and North Dakota.
  • Not surprisingly, pizza is still the champion of takeout, and Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio, are buying it up more than anything else.
  • Some other notable orders around the states include crab rangoon, bubble tea, and some brave souls in the landlocked state of Nebraska are even getting sushi delivered. It makes you wonder what kind of raw fish they’re eating there exactly.

South Carolina? We’ve been craving… sushi?! South Cack and Nebraska on the raw bar vibes…

Check out what each state is eating HERE.