Divorce Parties Are Trending… Now How Do You Throw One?

According to Pinterest, divorce parties are going to be big this year. If done right, they can be the perfect way to alleviate some of the pain your friend just got done going through. After all, no matter the circumstances, divorce is hard on everyone. Your newly-divorced friend deserves a little celebration for turning a new page.

    • Keep it intimate – Considering how deeply personal divorce is, it’s best to keep the party as exclusive as possible by only inviting the close friends and family members who have been supportive since day one.
    • Set an intention – Your friend is looking for a fresh start and the next chapter of their life so the intention of the party should be along the lines of empowerment. This is far from a pity party. Keep the vibe upbeat.
    • Celebrate with a toast – Pop some bubbly and make an emotional toast to the guest of honor’s future as an empowered newly single person.
    • Get a cake – Cake shows up at every monumental event. So if there’s a wedding cake why shouldn’t there be a divorce cake!
    • Pick a theme – Get creative and personalize the theme of the divorce party. It could be a spa day, a bachelor/bachelorette party take 2, or even a marriage funeral.
    • Bring a gift – Set up a registry or ask everyone to bring a small gift.