Columbia’s Heart-to-Heart: Brooke & Alexis Ready For National Wear Red Day!

Embrace the spirit of Columbia as it opens its heart to heart, addressing the critical issue of heart disease, particularly impacting women. The City of Columbia invites the public to unite in the Go Red for Women community photo op, a collective effort to support and stand in solidarity with women affected by heart disease, the leading cause of mortality among them. Scheduled for National Wear Red Day on Friday, February 2, this year’s event promises to be a powerful testament to the city’s commitment to raising awareness and taking action to combat this pervasive health threat.

The Go Red for Women movement advocates for heightened awareness and proactive measures to save lives. Men and women alike are encouraged to don the vibrant hue of red on the designated day. What’s even more heartening is that participation in this crucial event comes at no cost. Join forces with Brooke & Alexis as they champion the cause alongside the American Heart Association. Together, let’s form TEAM RED to take a stand against heart disease and stroke, which claim more lives among women than all cancers combined.

The call to action is clear – be a part of the solution by joining Brooke & Alexis’s TEAM RED. This virtual initiative accommodates everyone’s schedule and requires no financial investment. Spread the word far and wide, rallying your friends, family, coworkers, and even those not-so-friendly frenemies to be a part of this noble cause. The virtual platform ensures accessibility, making it convenient for all to participate and engage in heart-healthy activities each week.

Be prepared for the Go Red kick-off on February 2nd, a symbolic gesture of unity and determination to tackle heart disease. Take charge of your heart health and amplify the message by joining the movement at

Together, let’s paint the town red (or garnet) in support of a heart-healthy future for all.