Cicado Tacos Are Now On The Menu…Anyone Up For A Road Trip?

Earlier this month, a poll found 1 in 4 Americans would try cicadas as a FOOD.  And now at least one restaurant has already added it to their menu.

A Mexican place in Leesburg, Virginia called Cocina on Market is serving CICADA TACOS for a limited time.  The owner says they were already serving grasshopper tacos, so adding cicadas wasn’t a huge leap.  And they’re already a hit.

They don’t just toss them in taco a shell though.  First, they boil them, bake them, and pluck their legs and wings off.  Then they sauté them in garlic, and top them with serrano chilis, avocado, and radishes in a verde sauce.

Here’s what the finished product looks like:

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