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Another Situation Occurs On The Set Of “Rust” As Worker Suffers A Terrible Spider Bite

Weeks after the horrible accident happened on the set of Alec Baldwins Western movie, ‘RUST’ leaving one…

The Atlanta Braves Are The 2021 World Series Champions

  Congratulation to the Atlanta Braves, winning the 2021 World Series on the road in Houston.

Facebook Has A New Name After Company Rebrand, Say Hello To “Meta”

After 17 years, Facebook has now got a new name after company rebrand.

Actor, Alec Baldwin Fires Prop Gun On Set Resulting In One Dead One Injured

A very unfortunate occurrence happened on the set of Alec Baldwins upcoming western movie, “Rust”.

‘Facebook’ Has Been Setting Up For A New Rebrand And Name Change

Facebook has been in the news as of late and not all for good reasons.

WATCH: Amazon Boxes Are Turned Into Incredible Haunted House Model For Halloween

If you’ve been wondering what to do with all of those Amazon boxes you’ve gotten lately, this…

TikTok-Approved Halloween Starbucks Drinks

It’s officially spooky season! Which means a new round of festive drinks at Starbucks. But if you’re…

Netflix To Edit ‘Squid Game’ Phone Number After Woman Inundated With Calls

A South Korean woman who was inundated with thousands of prank calls and texts after her phone…

McDonald’s Is Giving Teachers Free Meals

If you are a teacher, Mcdonald’s is hooking you up. The fast-food chain is offering “Thank You…

The 14 Best ’80s Halloween Movies To Watch This Spooky Season

If you want a bit of nostalgia this Halloween, check out some of these scary movies from…

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