Get ready parents, Build-A-Bear is bringing back it’s ‘Pay Your Age Day’ event, but this time there will be a few changes.

This time the program will be in the form of sweepstakes, and starting today through June 16 you’ll need to get online and sign up for the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Rewards Program.

After signing up you’re automatically entered to win a Birthday Party Experience or a ticket to the “Pay Your Age” event.

If you’re lucky enough to be chosen you can then pay your child’s age for up to two bears at the workshop during the redemption periods the week of June 24-28.

If you think that’s going to curb the fiasco from last year, don’t, an estimated 200,000 people are expected to win.

And just as a reminder, this is why the parameters of ‘Pay Your Age Day’ have changed:

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