Britney Spears jetted off to Cabo San Lucas for her 40th birthday.

A day after she arrived she took to Instagram for a colorful video mocking her therapist.  Britney, dressed in jeans and a hot pink crop top, speaking in a low, authoritative tone Britney said, “I’m not here to trouble you, I just want you to be completely relaxed. I’m here to help you,” mocked the singer.   The clip then switches to Britney lying on a couch in a plaid shirt and jeans as she answers the “therapist’s” questions, “Yes, I’m feeling fine,’ she said in a reserved tone. “I had a great year. I’m having great days.” Britney claimed she saw therapists “10 hours a day, 7 days a week,” against her will during her conservatorship. She now says her medication is working great and she then went on to post pictures of her enjoying her birthday celebrations.

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