Justin Bieber is doing damage control after he posted a Diddy tribute picture to the late Kim Porter to promote his Drew House clothing line.

Justin captioned the repost, “@drewhouse #diddyfordrewhouse @diddy KP YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED FOR THE STUNNING WOMAN YOU WERE INSIDE AND OUT.”

After the post hit social media, the Beliebers quickly told him how wrong he was to choose that photo no matter how much Diddy’s gear looked like his clothing line.

Justin later kind of apologized for posting the picture saying, “I didn’t realize it was a photo of Diddy mourning KP, but I totally respect that, but I also respect how sick of a photo that is!”

Do you think that Justin knew what he was doing when he posted the picture? When is the last time someone got after you for a photo you put on social media?

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