A Different Side of Lany Spouts Off

Join host Erik Zachary on this week’s episode of The Spout Podcast with the band Laney. Known for their eclectic music and vibrant stage presence, the band gives us an exclusive peek into the creative process behind their electrifying tour production.

Despite their star status, the band keeps it real with simple pleasures. They’ll dive into their love for Chili’s—yes, they’re such big fans that they have the restaurant’s logo tattooed! Plus, they reveal the humble activities they enjoy that keep them grounded.

In an exciting Spout exclusive, Laney also unveils the album art and theme for their upcoming release, offering fans a first look at what to expect from their next musical chapter.

And hear the heartfelt story of their road trip to Chicago, driven by band member Paul’s admiration for Michael Jordan, making it a memorable 23rd birthday journey.

Don’t miss this episode filled with surprising stories and heartfelt moments, showing us a different side of Laney only on The Spout Podcast.

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